Galena is always a great place to get away from it all.  In 2020 Galena has been affected the same way as many other communities.  Shut-downs, reduction of capacity, temporary outdoor dining, laying off employees, owners risking it all to remain open and try to break even.  I too own a small business and wanted to do anything I could to help our small businesses.

Galena’s spirit is still intact.  Where else can you go where time stands still; this past weekend especially.  Every year Galena hosts its Living Windows and Luminaria.  This is certainly been one of my favorite weekends as a photographer.  Each window holds a story and it’s your job to enjoy it!  People walk the sidewalks window shopping.

Everyone has photographed Galena in their own way.  I started out my journey to capture the businesses differently.  Photographing through the glass is difficult and most of us shy away from it.  This evening I saw something different in the windows of Galena.

I hope you enjoy my images titled “Galena Holiday Reflections”.  What do you see in the windows?

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